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Get Dental Emergency Care for Tooth Pain in Custer, SD

emergency dentistry for a tooth pain dental emergency with a Custer SD dentist in the Rapid City area

A dental emergency can be scary, but our patients can feel secure knowing that care is always available. At our office in Custer, SD, we care about our patients and offer round the clock, compassionate, dental emergency care for residents of the Rapid City and Hot Springs areas. If you’re ever in an accident and need immediate care or you are experiencing agonizing tooth pain, you can feel safer, knowing that you have the support of a caring team behind you, even if the emergency occurs after hours.

Generally, dental emergencies are thankfully rare. However, some of the more common emergencies may include:

  • A Knocked Out Tooth | If your tooth has been knocked out, attempt to place the tooth back into the socket, and call us immediately. If the tooth cannot be re-inserted, place the tooth in a container of milk, and bring it with you to our office.
  • A Broken or Chipped Tooth | If your tooth has become broken or chipped, we will schedule you for care as soon as possible, and provide you with immediate restorative options. Before you come into our office, we may recommend a cold compress to help alleviate tooth pain.
  • Lost Dental Work | If a piece of dental work, or an appliance becomes dislodged, or falls out, call us at our office immediately. We will schedule you for treatment to have the dental work fixed or replaced as soon as possible.
  • Severe Toothache | Patients who are experiencing a severe toothache or tooth pain should call us at our office for immediate relief. A severe toothache may indicate a tooth infection or other issue, and an emergency root canal may be necessary.
  • Broken Jaw | If you injure your jaw, first apply a cold compress for relief, and then call our office. Our team at Destination Dentistry, will schedule an emergency appointment for jaw treatment.

If you experience any of these emergencies, call our office. Even if it is after hours, we may be able to help. Not a current patient? No problem! We usually see emergency patients on the same day as the call. Call us at 605-593-9821 now.

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  • We have been to many dentist's and this is the first one we don't mind coming back to. Very friendly staff and excellent work! Couldn't be happier and so glad a friend told us about them 😊
    —Bissell F.
  • Outstanding dental care. Dr. Rebecca was very thorough so she discovered problems that my previous dentist missed. The staff is warm, friendly, caring and efficient. There is no reason to drive to the city for excellent dental care.
    —Lee F.
  • …I had no discomfort (with the laser). Yes, an awareness of ’something done’, but no pain what so ever! You did a good job Doc. If anyone wants to ask me, I’ll tell them. It’s time for the old Bard Parker blade to be relegated to the history file. Thank you for your skills.
    —Dr. Art L., M.D.
  • Congratulations on your beautiful Hi-tech office-and on your thirty years of working together! Also you need to know I appreciate the picture you sent me of my teeth. They are absolutely the best pictures I have ever taken. Thank you for the good service you provide.
    —Arlene B.
  • I enjoyed meeting Dr. Rebecca. The information that she shared with me was greatly appreciated. She has a nice confident way about her.
    —Jackie H.
  • Everyone was great as usual….it was great meeting Dr. Rebecca. (my wife’s) term for her was “delightful” and I concur.
    —John C.

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