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Whiten Teeth in Just One Visit in Custer, SD

teeth whitening with a dentist in the Rapid City and Hot Springs areaIf you’ve ever felt like your teeth lack luster, you may be interested in our teeth whitening treatment. Destination Dentistry is your destination for a brighter, more brilliant smile.

At our practice, we can whiten teeth up to five shades whiter in less than hour with tooth bleaching. You can walk into our practice and walk out that same afternoon with a white, beautiful smile that communicates success, attractiveness, and health. Our teeth whitening procedure is perfect for busy patients who need their teeth whitened fast.

Whiten Teeth Today With Professional GloScience Whitening!

At Destination Dentistry in Custer, SD, we offer a chairside whitening service that uses GloScience technology to whiten teeth. GloScience whitening is a Thomas Edison Award winning whitening treatment that utilizes innovative technology to provide patients with long lasting bright smiles.

The GloScience Procedure

  • When you come into our office for a GloScience treatment, we will begin by preparing your teeth for the whitening, and applying the lip protectant and gingival barrier. We will take every precaution to protect your gumline and make sure that the whitening treatment only touches your teeth.
  • We will apply the whitening gel to your teeth with a special applicator brush and then start your first whitening treatment.
  • whiten teeth with tooth bleaching in Custer SDGloScience whitening uses a special mouthpiece that will surround your teeth for 360 degrees of full whitening.
  • Each GloScience session lasts only eight minutes. After three GloScience sessions, we can show you the results of the treatment and how many shades whiter your teeth have become.
  • Once your whitening treatment is finished, you will be provided with your own GloScience device and care instructions for your at home regimen.

Come in Today and Leave with a Beautiful Bright Smile

Patients love our whitening procedure, because it’s simple, easy and yields remarkable results. You can take advantage of our GloScience technology when you come into our office and enjoy whiter, more beautiful teeth with comfort and ease. Call our Custer, SD office today to schedule an appointment to whiten teeth if you are in the Rapid City and Hot Springs area!

A Healthier Whiter Smile
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  • Staff and doctor were very friendly and efficient. As good as a visit to the Dentist can get!
    —Ron Y
  • I was so nervous getting a new dentist, after having years of bad experiences. But Diane was patient, kind, and gentle...thank you!
    —Rebecca E
  • I called with a child in pain and needed an appointment fast. What I received was fast. Appreciate the great response and service.
    —Joseph P
  • Very thorough cleaning and gentle. Good experience.
    —Catherine B
  • It is impressive that DD is interested in how their patients feel about the dental care they receive and what DD could do to improve. They have always exceeded my expectations.
    —Tim K
  • Friendly and professional. Top-notch work!
    —Darwin K
  • Thanks for the great cleaning Dr. Diana!
    —Brittnay E
  • I had good dental care when I lived in Aberdeen and was surprised to find that when I moved to Custer, a far smaller town, I would receive the best dental care I ever had. On top of that, the whole DD crew is friendly and outgoing.
    —Tom H
  • I, very much enjoyed my visit to the dentist. The office seemed more tranquil than usual. The hygienist and the dentist demonstrated a high level of courtesy and knowledge while making me feel very comfortable and relaxed.
    —Marilyn W
  • Another great visit, staff is always on time, friendly, and highly competent.
    —Elizabeth C
  • I was pleased with my appointment. Everyone personable and good experience getting my teeth cleaned. Dr. Diana seems kind and caring.
    —Cherry L
  • We have been to many dentist's and this is the first one we don't mind coming back to. Very friendly staff and excellent work! Couldn't be happier and so glad a friend told us about them 😊
    —Bissell F.
  • …I had no discomfort (with the laser). Yes, an awareness of ’something done’, but no pain what so ever! You did a good job Doc. If anyone wants to ask me, I’ll tell them. It’s time for the old Bard Parker blade to be relegated to the history file. Thank you for your skills.
    —Dr. Art L., M.D.
  • Congratulations on your beautiful Hi-tech office-and on your thirty years of working together! Also you need to know I appreciate the picture you sent me of my teeth. They are absolutely the best pictures I have ever taken. Thank you for the good service you provide.
    —Arlene B.

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